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As we head into the winter and folks are considering dropping out of the homebuying pool to wait it out we’re frequently asked what will happen if they wait until next year to buy. If only the Lindahl Team had a real estate crystal ball and we could cut right to the chase to tell you what’s going to happen in the Bloomington real estate market. Instead, we have to rely on economic forecasts and our MLS statistics for any trends we might see. We can, however, get pretty close to a prediction with those tools. So, let’s dive in.

The U.S. economy is either going gangbusters with a rosy outlook or it’s just mediocre, depending on whom you ask. Those with money in the stock market will tell you it’s just so-so while anyone that works for the government

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What better organization to spotlight at the holidays than one that helps kids enjoy this time of year? Although the Twin Cities Toys for Tots Campaign began in October, it doesn’t end until December 19th so you still have time to help out.

Toys for Tots dates back to 1947 when a lady in Los Angeles made a doll and asked her husband, Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR, to take it to an organization that would give it to a needy child. The problem was, Bill couldn’t find such an organization so his wife, Diane, suggested that he start one.

The Major and a group of Marine Reservists collected toys and distributed them that Christmas. The following year the Marine Corps took over the toy drive, took it nationwide and Toys for Tots was born.

Since its

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This month, the Kris Lindahl Team salutes Bloomington’s Valley View Middle School. With a total enrollment of 728 students and 55 full-time teachers, the school has a student-teacher ratio of about 13:1.

Extra-Curricular Offerings

Valley View Middle School offers students a long list of activities and clubs in which they’re invited to participate. These include honors orchestra, the math team, snowriders club, TV-Morning News Crew and more.

If it’s athletics your student is interested in, she or he can participate in cross-country, football, volleyball, track and more.

Rankings and Test Scores

In 2015, school rankings site ranks Valley View Middle School 383 of 519 public middle schools in Minnesota.

On this year’s

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One of the most popular blog topics here on is when we write about bargains in the local real estate market. So, today I searched the MLS and, sure enough, I found some very low-priced condos for sale in Bloomington.

I looked first at how long they’ve been on the market and many of them have been sitting for quite some time. In fact, the lowest priced condo has been on the market for almost a year. Now why, I thought to myself, is that?

I sleuthed

So, I then looked at the photos to see if there was anything there that might explain why an $80,000 condo in Bloomington isn’t flying off the market. Aside from a very dated kitchen with a missing refrigerator I didn’t see any obvious flaws.

Then, it grabbed me -

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We’ve rounded up some of the Bloomington news we think you should know about.

Will Bloomington get a new Community Center?

Sure, they’ve been talking about it for more than 15 years but city officials have finally begun to take the idea seriously. Not that there’s anything wrong with Creekside Community Center. It’s just that it isn’t flexible enough for expanded programs.

The city conducted a survey to determine the demographics of current and future users of the community center and find that primarily retirees and families with older kids use it the most.  So, what are these folks looking for in a community center?

That’s to be determined by a task force that will be populated with members from the community, some staff members from the

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