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Posted by Kris Lindahl on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 at 10:47am.

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Pizza Studio is the place to go for those that love to create their own pizza. It’s located right inside the excellent Mall of America in Bloomington, MN where you can get pizza seven days a week for lunch or dinner. The genius concept behind Pizza Studio is that you get to create your own delicious pie and it’s ready in about 6 minutes.

Stop in to Pizza Studio at the mall where every guest is treated liked a VIP and the hospitality is a priority. Pizza Studio values the community and has been putting a smile on faces since opening originally in 2012. Come check out how to create your own pizza while the staff behind Pizza Studio makes it for you.

What to Expect

You get to create your own pizzas at the Pizza Studio. Let your imagination take over and help you to create your own masterpiece during each visit. You’ll get to choose from exciting specialty sauces, a variety of crusts, fresh-cut and roasted veggies as well as premium meats to create a fantastic pie. The ingredients are pure quality and the artistry in the combinations is one-of-a-kind.

Enjoy artisanal, unique and original crusts that are cooked with your choice of toppings in under 10 minutes. It will be just 10 minutes from the time you created the pizza to the time you’re eating it at your table.


Create your own pie with several crust, sauce, veggie and meat toppings or try one of their suggestions.

For vegetarians, try the whole grain and flaxseed crust with red onions, basil, diced green peppers, roma tomatoes and a tomato blend sauce with freshly grated mozzarella. Meat lovers will want to try the pepperoni pizza made with a traditional crust, tomato blend sauce, nitrate-free pepperoni and freshly grated mozzarella.

If you want to create your own pizza without doing any of the work, you’ll love a visit to Pizza Studio. Check it out at 340 South Avenue on the 3rd level food court of the Mall of America on Monday through Saturday from 11am-9pm or Sunday from 11am-7pm.

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