Hubert Olson Middle School

Hubert Olson Middle School LogoHubert Olson Middle School serves 865 students in grades 6 through 8, with one teacher for every 16 students, the highest student/teacher ratio of all three middle schools in the district. Olson Middle has the largest middle school student body size in the Bloomington Public School District.

The school’s mission statement states that “Olson Middle School provides a safe, supportive learning community where ALL students are challenged to reach their highest levels of achievement and grow as individuals.

Hubert Olson Middle School is a middle school consisting of sixth, seventh and eighth grades organized in a team structure. Each grade level is organized into two teams. A team is composed of the assigned students, five core subject teachers and exploratory teachers.”

Test Scores

In 2014, Olson Middle ranked better than nearly 82 percent of middle schools in Minnesota. It also ranked first among the three middle schools in the Bloomington Public School District

Sixty-four percent of the school’s 8th graders meet state standards in math on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series II (MCA-II) exams. The state average is 59.7. On the reading portion of the exam, 77.9 percent score proficient or better, besting the state average of 72.4. Finally 52.2 percent of the school’s 8th graders score proficient or better in science, while the state average is 45 percent. awards Olson Middle School four out of five stars and gives it nine out of 10.

Extracurricular Activities

Middle school isn’t all about studying and academics. Clubs and activities that might interest your child include:

  • Snowriders Snowboard and Ski Club
  • Jazz Band
  • Dinner Theater
  • Dolce Singers
  • Honors Orchestra
  • Yearbook
  • Cougar Council
  • OMS Morning News Team
  • Stock Market Club
  • Pageturners Book Club
  • Math Team
  • Operation Adventure

Athletics programs include football, cross country running, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and track.

Hubert Olson Middle School is located at 4551 West 102nd Street in Bloomington. The school’s phone number is (952) 806-8600.