Oak Grove Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary LogoThe staff at Oak Grove Elementary School in Bloomington has a mission: “We are a community working together to create a positive academic and social experience for all learners to SOAR. (Success, Optimism, Accountability, Respect).”

They place as much importance on the emotional, social, creative and physical needs of the children in their care as they do the intellectual according to their mission statement.

The school serves 414 students in grades K through 5 and has a student/teacher ratio of 14:1. Half of the elementary schools in Bloomington have better ratios.

Test Scores

In 2014 60.5 percent of Oak Grove students scored at or above the state average for math on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series II (MCA-II) exams. Students scored 64.3 percent proficient in reading. The school is ranked, at least by test scores, worse than more than 55 percent of elementary schools in Minnesota.

Test scores don’t tell the whole story, however, when it comes time to decide which school to choose for your child. We recommend you visit the school and speak with parents and staff.

Oak Grove Elementary School rates seven out of 10 stars at the school ratings site GreatSchools.org.


Oak Grove Elementary School offers the following programs:

  • Academic & Behavioral Programs
  • EL (English Language)
  • Reading and Math Intervention
  • Minnesota Reading Corp
  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  • DImensons
  • Elements
  • ADSIS Intervention / T. A. T.
  • PBIS and Bully Prevention

Extracurricular programs include band and orchestra, safety patrol, garden club and a chess club.

The school offers the Kids’ SAFARI program for parents who require before-or after-school child care.

Oak Grove Elementary School is located at 1301 West 104th St. in Bloomington. Reach the school by phone at 952-681-6800.