Ridgeview Elementary School

Ridgeview Elementary School in Bloomington serves 379 students in grades K through 5. The school’s student/teacher ratio at Ridgeview Elementary is 14.1, which is the fifth best among all elementary schools in the Bloomington Public School District. Parents highly recommend the school in part because their “concerns are addressed in a professional manner.”

The school’s mission statement includes the following: “. . . to create a learning environment that helps learners recognize the value of individual differences, display ethical behavior, achieve success in their work and identify their role(s) in a continually changing world, with a development of a nurturing partnership between the staff and family that enhances our caring school community.”

Test Scores

In 2014, Ridgeview Elementary ranked better than 80 percent of elementary schools in the state. It also ranked second among all elementary schools in the Bloomington Public School District.

Eighty-nine percent of Ridgeview 4th graders scored proficient or better on the math portion of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series II (MCA-II). The state average is 77 percent. In reading, these fourth graders scored 91 percent while the state average is 75 percent.

This school is rated nine out of 10 at GreatSchools.org.


Ridgeview offers the following academic and behavioral programs:

  • English Language
  • Reading Intervention
  • Gifted & Talented
  • PBIS: Character Education
  • Media Program
  • Technology Program

Before and after school programs include the chess club and Kids’ SAFARI, the daycare program in the schools.

Extracurricular offerings include Safety Patrol and the WRVS Media Team.

You’ll find Ridgeview Elementary at 9400 Nesbitt Road in Bloomington. Reach the school by phone by calling (952) 806-7100.