Valley View Middle School

Valley View Middle School in Bloomington serves 728 students in grades 6 through 8, with 14 students per teacher, the lowest student/teacher ratio of all three middle schools in Bloomington.

The school’s mission statement is short, but powerful: “To create a learning environment where staff and students are able to Learn + Inspire + Connect.”

Test Scores

In 2014, Valley View Middle ranked worse than 68.9 percent of middle schools in Minnesota. It also ranked last among Bloomington’s three middle schools.

Fifty-two percent of Valley View 8th graders score proficient or better in math on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series II (MCA-II) exams. The state average is 59.7. On the reading portion of the exam, 41.4 percent of 8th graders met state standards, compared to the state average of 55.7 percent. In Science, the 8th graders scored 30.3 percent. The state average is 45 percent

School ratings site awards Valley View Middle School two out of five stars and gives the school three out of 10.

Clubs and Activities

Valley View Middle School offers students the following clubs and activities:

  • Ambassadors
  • GSA
  • Honors Orchestra
  • Hope for Tomorrow-Girls
  • Hope for Tomorrow-Boys
  • Math Team
  • Medical Mentorship
  • School Musical
  • Snowriders Club
  • TRiO ETS
  • TV-Morning News Crew
  • VVMS Show Choir - "Valley View Voices"
  • Yearbook Committee


If you’re child is interested in sports, consider the following athletic opportunities at Valley View:

  • Cross Country - Girls & boys, grades 6-8
  • Football - Boys, grade 8
  • Football - Boys, grade 8
  • Volleyball - Girls, grade 8
  • ​Wrestling - Boys, grades 6-8
  • ​ Track - Girls & boys, grades 6-8

Valley View Middle School is located at 8900 Portland Avenue in Bloomington. Call the school at (952) 681-5800.